Glasgow, -The ultimate guide.

Jag hoppas ni har överseende att följande text är skriven på engelska. Men via kontakter fick vi tag på en påg vid namn Thomas som hjälpte oss med en guide om precis allt det vi behöver och inte behöver känna till om Glasgow. Ett stort tack till vår vän i Glasgow!


First and foremost, on behalf of the Celtic supporters and people of Celtic Football Club, we are delighted to welcome the supporters of HIF to Glasgow, Scotland and Celtic Park.
We are your friends and we are looking forward to our meeting with you with great anticipation.
You are all welcome with open arms and no matter what the score is and whoever wins, we would like to invite you all into the city centre after the match to drink and party like good friends do arm in arm with laughs, smiles and songs of hope and joy!

I have been welcomed into Helsingborg and Olympia many times by my Swedish friends and I am delighted to have you all here at Celtic Park.

Welcome To Paradise!!!

The City –
Glasgow, with a population of around 600,000, is Scotland’s largest city and is the commercial capital of Scotland.
It is the UK’s largest retail centre after London so the females among you Helsingborg fans can go crazy with your partners credit card while he is at the football hahaha!!!

Situated in the Central Belt of Scotland on the west coast it is easily accessible by road, rail and air.
Glasgow is one of Europe’s top 20 financial centres and is home to many of Scotland’s leading businesses.
The city houses many wonderful municipal art galleries and museums, first class sports and leisure facilities; excellent theatres; an array of restaurants, pubs and clubs; and beautiful parks. Spectacular countryside and coastal views are within easy reach and the city is only 40 miles from Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh.

Airports & Travel

There is one airport within Glasgow (Glasgow International Airport) which is the main airport for Scotland and around 5miles from the city centre. There are two slightly smaller airports of almost equal distance on either side of Glasgow. One being Glasgow Prestwick Airport (about 40miles from Glasgow city) which is located right beside the ocean on the West Coast of the country and Edinburgh Airport which is located obviously in Edinburgh on the East Coast of Scotland also around 40miles from Glasgow.

Travelling into Glasgow

From Glasgow International Airport you have taxis and shuttle buses.

To the city centre is around 5 miles and should not cost any more than £20 – £25 (200 – 300 SEK) in a taxi.

The shuttle bus should cost around 40 – 70 SEK

All are located directly outside the main terminal building.

From Glasgow Prestwick Airport
 you have taxis and trains.

The cheapest option is the train and these trains are very regular around every 30 minutes, sometimes a little longer.

The train station is located directly outside the main entrance of Prestwick airport and it is impossible to miss it.

The train takes around 40-60 minutes and should cost around 200 SEK and takes you directly into Glasgow Central Station where it terminates and this is located directly in the centre of Glasgow.

A taxi would cost around 700 – 1000 SEK although most taxis have space for 4 passengers so if you are in a hurry then this would be quicker and a little more reasonable if there are 4 people sharing.

For train times and if you wish to book a ticket you can BUT you can ALSO pay for a ticket on the train too if you do not wish to book a ticket before you travel.

From Edinburgh Airport
you have taxis, buses and trains.

Buses are the cheapest option and cost around 50 SEK although this will take the longest time so if you are in a hurry it is best not to take this option. For the bus you can book tickets here however you can ALSO pay for your ticket when you get on the bus too. The bus takes you into Glasgow Buchanan Street Bus Station which is located in the city centre.

Taxis, depending on the traffic, is the quickest and easiest route into Glasgow. A taxi will cost around 700 – 1000 SEK although most taxis have space for 4 passengers so if you are in a hurry then this would be quicker and a little more reasonable if there are 4 people sharing. Some taxis here can take 7 passengers.

Both buses and taxis are located directly outisde the terminal building.

For the train into Glasgow you will need to take either a taxi or bus into Edinburgh city centre which can take 20mins and then take a train from Haymarket Train Station into Glasgow which will cost around 200 SEK and this will take you directly into Glasgow City Centre.

Another main train station in the centre of Glasgow is Queen Street train station. This is located on George Square were you can see the magnificent architecture of our City Chambers, home to the Lord Provost. Here you can travel to and from Edinburgh also.


There is no shortage of hotels, cheap hostels and bed & breakfasts in Glasgow.

There are many, many located in and around the city centre and also close to Celtic Park.

It is difficult to reccommend some because there are so many.

If you want to take the cheapest possible option then there is the Euro Hostel which is popular with backpapckers. A room here can be around 150 SEK per person, per night. You can see here:

For other various alternatives you can book here

From the city centre to Celtic Park is about 2miles.

From Glasgow Cross which is located on the eastern part of the city centre it is a straight road directly to the stadium.

Around 30 minutes walking or a few minutes by taxi.

All people in Glasgow will be able to direct you to anywhere you want to go.

And now for the most important information – Bars, Nightclubs and Celtic Park!!!

Bars & Clubs.

For a drink you will pay around 30 SEK+ some bars a little more, some a little less.

If you are looking for a great time then you have come to the right place!

This is Scotland and we love our drink!

People say that drink is your enemy but the Holy Bible teaches us to ’Love your enemy,’ so we in Scotland absolutely adore our enemy. We adore drinking!!!

Celtic themed bars are located around Glasgow Cross on the straight road towards Celtic Park.

This road is called The Gallowgate.

Here you can visit numerous Celtic Themed bars. The most Impressive being Bairds Bar

There is also Bar 67 located just across the road.

All of the bars along this road are ALL Celtic Themed so if you want to mix with the Celtic Supporters and drink in bars with walls and ceilings covered in Celtic pictures, paintings and scarves then this is the place to go before heading to the match.

In these bars please be aware they do not serve food.

Nearby in this road is the Oldest Chip Shop in Glasgow so if you want to soak up some of that Whisky, beer and Guiness then here you can have fish, chips, pizza and even a Mars Bar Supper!!!

There are MANY other bars loacted around Glasgow Cross and throughout the city centre.

Just beside Glasgow cross is a little precinct called The Merchant City.

Here there are many nice, clean bars that serve some very nice food.

I personally recommend McCHuills located on High Street about 100 yards up from Glasgow Cross, which is another Celtic crazy bar before matches. The food is excellent, the music is superb, the bar staff are great and the people will welcome you.

I have had many partys in this bar and some of the greatest nights of my life!!!

Other slightly less Celtic bars but nice and friendly are O’Neills which is an Irish Themed bar that serve good food and often play decent Irish themed music.

Blackfriars, Maggie Mays, Metropolitan and many more.

All of these bars serve great food.

For those who wish to continue with alcohol after normal hours then the Gala Casino located in Glassford Street in the city centre is open and serves alcohol 24/7 and also serves very nice food.

There are many other establishments which serve food and there are so many it is impossible to recommend which ones.

You will not be stuck for food in Glasgow!!

The perfect guide for bars, restaurants and other tourist things away from the football can be found here:

If some of you are looking for some X-Rated titty bars then lap dancing bars such as 7th Heaven can be found outside Charing Cross train station (Elmbank Lane) on Bath Street in the city centre and also Diamond Dolls in Mitchell Street and Platinum Lace in Drury street. All around the city centre.

Sauchiehall Street has many bars and nightclubs for those who wish to party on into the wee small hours as does Bath Street too.

I personally recommend the West End of the city such as Ashton Lane which is located just off Byres Road, just 5 minutes in a taxi from anywhere in the city centre. Beautiful ambience and architecture, beautiful bars and clubs and a very popular destination for people who like nightlife in Glasgow.

For those of you familiar with the Scottish Cult Classic movie Trainspotting then you can visit a bar called Crosslands which is located on Queen Margaret Drive, just a few minutes walk along from Byres Road and Ashton Lane.

In this bar they filmed the scene where the crazy guy Begbie throws his pint of beer over the balcony and starts the bar fight!!

There is many things to see and do around Glasgow and it is impossible to be bored with life here for a few days of visiting.

My advice is get around and see as much as you can. You will LOVE Glasgow!!!

And now I have saved the best for last: Glasgow Celtic Football Club

Our stadium holds 60,000 people and it is also known as Paradise. It is located in the East-End of the city.

Founded by a Marist Brother called Brother Walfrid in 1888, the purpose was to help the poor and starving people in the East End of Glasgow. A football club open to all regardless of their race, colour or religion unlike a particular other disgusting club over in the other side of the city who thankfully no longer exist depsite their constant denial!

The purpose of Celtic Football Club was born from pure and beautiful ideals and this is still its purpose 125 years later.

We have a rich and proud history, one of the greatest in world football and were the very first British football club to bring home the European Cup in 1967 thanks to the immortal Jock Stein and the Lisbon Lions.

Within Celtic there is a spiritual presence. Something which exists, something which you can feel yet which the eye cannot see.

This spirit has carried us through the darkest days and it has made the brightest days so much better.

When you enter Paradise and take in the arena, close your eyes and sense that spirit.

You will know you are standing somewhere special because you will feel it and it is called Celtic Park, Paradise.

Quotes from some of the worlds greatest players:

The atmosphere generated by the fans in Celtic’s stadium for our visit was the most impressive I’ve ever witnessed. The grounds of Liverpool and Manchester United are good and the hostile feeling of playing against Real Madrid in the Bernabeu is also excellent, but the atmosphere against Celtic was the best.
Xavi (Barcelona) (Sep 2004)

”Every professional footballer should seek to play at least one game at Celtic Park. I have never felt anything like it”
Paolo Maldini (AC Milan & Italy legend)

”Celtic fans are some of the greatest supporters I know,”
AC Milan midfielder Clarence Seedorf (Oct 2007)

  ”Anyone going to Celtic Park now is saying, ’You’ve got to beat that atmosphere, the energy they spend in their games’.”
Alex Ferguson (Sep 08)

”I fell a bit in love with Celtic, because the atmosphere was amazing and the crowd was magnificent, the way they behaved with the Porto fans.”
Jose Mourinho (June 2003)

”When I was at Porto my team also played in the UEFA Cup final against a Scottish side – but it was Celtic. I’ve never seen such emotional people. It was unbelievable!”
Jose Mourinho (ex-Porto Manager) looking back on thae UEFA cup final 2003 (May 2008)

”The Celtic fans are incredible. It is always great to play there.”
Ronaldo (Man U & Portugal player) Nov 08

This is the most fantastic support in the world.
Franz Beckenbaur (German football legend)

Celtic fans, you are great, you are marvellous 

Sepp Blatter (UEFA President)

”It is absolutely spectacular to see the fans like that ”
Alberto Gilardino (Italian footballer)

The atmosphere inside Celtic Park is one of the best in Europe it’s absolutely incredible”
Sven Goran Eriksson (ex-England manager)

The atmosphere here tonight was unbelievable and it’s an honour to play in such an arena
Oliver Khan (German national goalkeeper)

”I have never experienced anything like it. This is a lesson for all football clubs about how to be proper football supporters, This is the best club in the world.”
Michael Platini (French Football legend) 

”The incredible thing was the people, for an opposition player it is quite incredible, i have not seen a better atmosphere from the grounds I have visited”
Steven Gerard (Liverpool player)

When the teams are out make sure you have your cameras ready to record our fantastic rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone!!!

Welcome To Paradise!!!/ Thomas

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